Creative Production

My driving passion is in the creative-collaboration of content and experiences, making artistic strides while in an effort to make positive impacts in people’s lives. I have worked with film, television, corporate and independent artists in creative, producer and technical roles to help them achieve their visions.


Production & Post Sound Engineer || Freelance, 2009-Present
– Department Lead
– Creative implementation of sound for expressive and emotive impact
– Voice-Over/Dialogue Performance Direction with regard to energy, delivery, and flow for edit
– Quality Control
– Coordination & Planning with multiple departments, often on-the-fly
– Daily Deadlines
– Budget & Expectation management
– Cross-coordination with other departments, leads, and crew
– Talent/Artist Relations


Event/Production Assistant, Artist & Tech Crew || Freelance, 2009-Present
– Artist relations, assistance with directing talent for optimal performance
– Stage management, A/V, craft services, location scouting, tech crew, troubleshooting, art construction, security, design, maintenance, digital transfer, administrative work and general assistance/errands
– Artist, stage/set design & art
– Clients include Sunset Promotions, Silent Frisco, The Academy of Art, The Janky Barge Collective, Papa Bear & The Easy Love, Club Exotica, Ghost Ship Halloween, Whaddya Gonna Do About It Productions?, Nuns All Night Productions, Brilliant Elixirs, Camp Mind Eraser, The Convent and The Center SF

Band Manager || High Cliffs, 2011-2013
– Booking & coordination with venues, talent and tech
– Produced stage design, print graphics, photography and promotional art
– Managed promotions, social media and studio recording and event production

Event Producer || BECA Bash Awards Ceremony, 2009 & 2010
– Produced consistent rise in attendance: 2008: 60 people, 2009: 250 people, 2010: 350 people
– Managed promotions, ticket sales, catering menu, venue & talent booking, stage management, venue decor, A/V tech and set-up, rentals and coordination for an after-party
– Promotional posters & ticket design, radio spot production and coordination of airing on the radio station

Associate Producer || BECA Fest Department Showcase, 2008-2010
– In charge of hiring audio techs & talent, producing audio content, overseeing editing process, coordinating with directors and motion graphics, event theme development, print graphics, promotion and assistance with art and studio production

Event Management & Server || Restaurant & Service Industry, 2008-Present
– Event Lead Host/Manager: Coordinated with event planner to execute events, orders and guest services
– Food Expeditor: Managed multiple orders simultaneous while coordinating with chef and serving staff
– Shift Lead/Manager on Duty: Managed cash drawer, guest relations, manager compensations for VIP and positive relationship building, in charge of opening and closing restaurant, juggling multiple guests/clients and wearing multiple hats at any one given time, executing private events
– Assistance with opening of 2 new venues: development of restaurant flow for both workspace efficiency and neighborhood/market needs, relationship building with clientele, beverage program development, systems set-up and management

Vice President, Event Coordinator & Promotions || SFSU Broadcast Department, via College Students in Broadcasting, 2008-2010
– Organized and hosted meetings for 60+ attendees on a weekly basis
– Managed event productions, talent & rental bookings, print graphics & publications, promotions, ,
finance/budgeting, coordination with department chairman and studio managers
– Restructured an abandoned organization with a deficit in 2008 to a more reputable standing in 2009 & 2010, with a significant profit.

Customer Service Coordinator || Retail, 2003-2005
– Coordinated with manager for weekly promotions and organized/delegated accordingly
– Client inquiries, complaints, issue solving, sales & returns
– Floor/ Department management of team, front line registers and schedules
– Positive relationship building with clientele

Art Director & Production Artist

Art Director for the feature film, “The Next Big Thing” (Dir Brody Gusar).
Office & Call Center:
Rooftop Before:
Rooftop After:
Art Director for the VFX Unit shoot within the monster movie feature “Crabs!” (Dir Pierce Berlzoihmer). Worked in coordination with VFX and practical effects crew to design and build set pieces and practical elements for green screen shots.


Pit of sand (2600lbs) for monsters to fight on with implemented “plume” effect for stomps and jumps. Monster cropped out (will be updated post release of film, 2017):

Structure built for simulated effect of practical particles and “plume” to be used when monster bursts through rooftop:

Fake asphalt created on tilted and risen wooden stage with a slot for practical movement of prop creature during mutation:

Art Director for a music video within the feature “Highway 5” (Dir Kavi Raz). Worked with Production Designer to design, create and build a steampunk inspired wasteland .

See Video Here:

Production Artist and set construction for the short film “The Green Place” (Dir Jordyn Barber). Built and assisted with design and construction of a bedroom on a soundstage.
Production Designer: Bryan Barrios

Production Artist. Assisted in creating themed stage designs for Papa Bear & the Easy Love. June 2013 & February 2014.
Art Director/Project Manager: Mandylan Blythe

Production Artist. Responsible for artwork on the exterior of the angler fish and assisted in art production of an underwater cave theme for Ghostship Halloween 2013.
Art Director/Project Manager: Steve Kirchner

Production Artist. Art construction, live event/production assistance & project management since 2011 for The Janky Barge, a sound art festival/live event experience.
Collaborative Art Project/LLC with alternating directors

Art Construction. Assisted with construction of art installation, Hybycozo. Each event was approximately a 2 day build of precision cut installations requiring very specific placement and panel insertion.
Art Gathering LA 2016 in Long Beach at the Queen Mary:

Burning Man 2016:

Production Artist & Tech Support. Set up sound system and created a wild life/forest inspired room for Club Exotica at the Supper Club SF.
Art Director/Project Manager: Philippe Lewis


Rise. Love. Unite. A shoot capturing the spirit of America.
Collaboration with Kelsey Marie Furtado & Alain Octavo
Director, lighting, post-production & model in a photo shoot for High Cliffs, an avant-garde psych rock group.
Makeup Artist: Katie Taylor. Collaboration with Woody Harper
Live Performance
Music performance photography
Life & Travel
Capturing the moments between and the world around



Print Graphics

Poster Art & Flyers


Arrestaurant Pilot: A sitcom about what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant.
The Somber Melody: A short story about what happens when a relative minor meets a relative major.


Laced Cakes Bakery

Emily Sevin Photgraphy